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23TRA326 Feeling Good In Body And Mind: Your Way To Well-Being (Primary)





DATES:     Thursday - 7th, 14th and 21st September 2023
TIME:        9.30am - 10.10am
VENUE:    Online Via Zoom

This 3-session in-class webinar series for 4th to 6th class students aims to give children the opportunity to reflect on their well-being and resilience, as well as providing them with some practical ideas to enhance their own well-being and mental health for the year ahead.

Each session will be 40 minutes long and children will need to have a pen and paper for the personal reflections and activities.

Session 1: Understand Your Well-Being
This session will give children the opportunity to think about what well-being means and explore what helps them to feel good and strong in body and mind. We will take a look at the 5 dimensions of well-being – physical, emotional, mental, emotional and spiritual, and children will be encouraged to identify activities that nurture their well-being in each dimension.

Session 2: Reboot Your Resilience
Resilience is a key aspect of well-being, so this session will explore what this means, as well as giving children the opportunity to think about what helps them to feel resilient. A number of key resilience skills will also be outlined and children will be encouraged to use them. There will also be a recap of Session 1.

Session 3: Have a Kind Mind
There will be recap of the first 2 sessions and then we will explore the importance of self-kindness, and how to develop a ‘Kind Mind’. Developing self-compassion in this way is another key aspect of well-being.

The series will be presented by Fiona Forman, who is a former primary school teacher and co-author of the Weaving Well-Being programme. Fiona holds an M.Sc. in Positive Psychology, the science of well-being.


Tutor: Fiona Forman, M. Sc. Applied Positive Psychology

 WEBINAR - An Introduction to Positive Psychology and Well-Being in Schools  with Fiona Forman 3/3 -Post Primary - Welcome to Wexford Education Centre,  Ireland

Fiona is a former primary teacher and is co-author of the Weaving Well-Being Programme. Having worked in schools for many years, both as a class teacher and in special needs, she is passionate about placing the well-being of the school community at the heart of school life.

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 07-09-2023 9:30 am
Course End Date / Time 21-09-2023 10:10 am
Cut off date 21-09-2023 9:45 am
Available place 1000
Speaker Fiona Forman
Location Online

Course unavailable