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20TRA506 Supporting your ADHD child at home during CoVid19 - a parents guide

20TRA506 Supporting your ADHD child at home during CoVid19 - a parents guide





This course can be completed in your own time.

This course has been created by a team of psychologists at Education Elephant with one goal in mind - to aid parents support their child with ADHD (aged 7-11 years old) at home during the Covid19 pandemic. Children with ADHD often have difficulties in the areas of self regulation and executive functioning. Difficulties in these areas can cause problems with distractibility, following rules and instructions, getting on with others, managing time, completing schoolwork and all in all can make life for the family and child with ADHD stressful and difficult.

The course focuses on three main areas designed to promote and support self regulation and executive functioning in your child.

These are :

Chapter 1: Creating Schedules, Routines and Rules

Chapter 2: Setting up Reward and Consequence Systems

Chapter 3: Creating a Calmer Home There is a short quiz at the end of each chapter to help you reflect on the course content.

There is also a discussion forum at the end of each lesson for you to post your own comments, reflections and ideas to share with others.


Dr. Kieron Merriman holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from University College Dublin and was awarded a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology from Trinity College Dublin. Dr. Merriman recently received the Therese Brady Award from University College Dublin in 2019 for his work in the area of families and children with additional needs. Dr. Merriman has specialised in several areas of psychological therapy and research including Autism, parents of children with additional needs and is an accredited Early Start Denver Model Practitioner.

Dr. Merriman has also conducted published research on Autism with a special interest in group based interventions for parents of children with additional needs and has ample experience delivering interventions to children, families and parents struggling with behavioural, emotional and adaptive difficulties. Dr. Merriman works for several public and private bodies and with client groups of all ages experiencing a range of mental health difficulties and disabilities.


Course Properties

Course date 13-10-2020
Course End Date 01-09-2022
Capacity 500
Cut off date 01-09-2022
Individual Price €69.00
Speaker Dr Kieron Merriman
Location Online

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