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23TRA687 Fine Motor Skills Masterclass

23TRA687 Fine Motor Skills Masterclass






Dates:   Wednesday 8th, Tuesday 14th, Wednesday 22nd & 29th November & Wednesday 6th December 2023
Times:   7.30 - 8.30 pm
Venue:  Online via Zoom

Target Audience: Juniors to Second Class Teachers & SNAs

This series is a detailed look at handwriting and fine motor skills. The webinar series will allow participants to expand their knowledge base and create a robust resource bank. This series is ideally placed for anyone supporting children with fine motor or handwriting needs.

Webinar 1: An Introduction to Fine Motor Skills - Wednesday 8th November @ 7.30 pm
This webinar will act as a starting point for fine motor skills. We will explore the neuroscience and theory behind fine motor skills, as well as introducing common phrases and terms seen in reports. 
Webinar 2: Gross Motor Preparation for Handwriting - Tuesday 14th November @ 7.30 pm
This webinar will focus on getting the body ready to write. Gross motor skills are heavily linked to the development and success of fine motor skills and handwriting. Its often the foundational block, which needs to be addressed first. We will discuss gross motor skill development, as well as providing fun movement break ideas for use before writing tasks. 
Webinar 3: Assessing Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills - Wednesday 22nd November @ 7.30 pm
How do we actually determine if a child is having issues with handwriting, and how to we figure out what those issues actually are? This webinar will discuss a framework of assessing handwriting skills and isolating skill development needs.
Webinar 4: Handwriting and Fine Motor Skill Activities and Ideas - Wednesday 29th November @ 7.30 pm
This webinar will be a practical exploration of the most popular and helpful handwriting and fine motor strategies. We will discuss how to set up fine motor skills groups and how to adresss these skills in an SET setting. 
Webinar 5: Supporting Handwriting in the Classroom - Wednesday 6th December @ 7.30 pm
This webinar is about pulling it all together. We will explore common supports and strategies that increase success and set out a plan for intervening when a child is struggling with handwriting in the classroom. We will touch on assistive technology use and strategies for success with these tools. 
Bio of Presenter: Liath Sheehan
Liath Sheehan

Liath Sheehan is a passionate Occupational Therapist and owner of Rise Therapy Clinic. Liath provides a client centred, strengths based and affirmative approach. Liath is dedicated to enhancing skills for her clients and those that support them. Liath believes in a personalised approach and strives to empower children and their families. Liath is committed to ongoing professional development and has engaged with many areas of professional development, including additional qualifications in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Sensory Integration Therapy. 

Course Details

Course Start Date / Time 08-11-2023 7:30 pm
Course End Date / Time 06-12-2023 8:30 pm
Cut off date 06-12-2023 7:30 pm
Available place 1000
Fee €5.00
Number Hours 5 x 1 hr sessions
Speaker Liath Sheehan
Location Online

Course unavailable