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20TRA631 ADHD: Self Regulation & behaviour Support Strategies for ADHD Children at home and school (ages 6-13 years)

20TRA631 ADHD: Self Regulation & behaviour Support Strategies for ADHD Children at home and school (ages 6-13 years)




What you'll learn

  • The importance of home and school working together
  • What Self Regulation is and how its affected in the ADHD brain
  • The role that you can play in supporting the child's self regulation skills
  • How to recognise self regulation difficulties in children
  • How self regulation is affected in children with ADHD
  • The 5 key areas to focus on for support
  • The importance of self care
  • How Working Memory is central to school performance and regulation
  • How to plan better interventions for children with ADHD.

The best support for a child with ADHD comes when both home and school work together. Understanding the key challenges both face as well as how to manage them is the first step towards planning effective support. This course will demosntrate how self regulation and executive function can make home and school life for a child with ADHD and will show both parents and teachers what they can do to help. Self Regulation is a key area of support in ADHD. Self regulation refers to our ability to manage our own internal world, our emotions, our impulses and our behaviour. Through no fault of their own many children with ADHD have difficulties with self regulation and these difficulties can get them in trouble and lead to poor self esteem. Interestingly, its not just the child's regulation skills that can cause problems but also the parent and teachers regulation skills that can also cause problems! This course will teach how self regulation is effected in the ADHD brain and show you the role that you will can play in supporting them. The course will present a number of different regulation strategies and techniques which can be used at home and in school to support the ADHD child.


Dr. Merriman holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from University College Dublin and was awarded a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology from Trinity College Dublin. Dr. Merriman recently received the Therese Brady Award from University College Dublin in 2019 for his work in the area of families and children with additional needs. Dr. Merriman has specialised in several areas of psychological therapy and research including Autism, parents of children with additional needs and is an accredited Early Start Denver Model Practitioner.

Dr. Merriman has also conducted published research on Autism with a special interest in group based interventions for parents of children with additional needs and has ample experience delivering interventions to children, families and parents struggling with behavioural, emotional and adaptive difficulties. Dr. Merriman works for several public and private bodies and with client groups of all ages experiencing a range of mental health difficulties and disabilities.


Course Properties

Course date 13-10-2020
Course End Date 13-10-2022
Capacity 500
Cut off date 13-10-2022
Individual Price €79.00
Speaker Dr. Kieron Merriman PhD
Location Online

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