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23TRA417 - Navigating the System -Accessing the right supports

23TRA417 - Navigating the System -Accessing the right supports




TIME : 7 - 8.15 PM

Join us for an enlightening webinar led by Alanna O'Connor, a dedicated Speech and Language Therapist, designed exclusively for educators in Ireland.
In this session, we will unravel the complex web of educational and healthcare services available to support your students. Discover the pathways to access these vital resources effectively, gain insights into the roles and capabilities of various professionals, and empower yourself to make informed decisions for your students' holistic development.
This webinar promises to equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to navigate the intersection of education and healthcare, ensuring the best outcomes for the young minds you nurture.
Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and advocacy in the educational landscape.

Bio of Presenter: Alanna O' Connor

alanna o connor headshot 2023

Alanna O’Connor is a highly experienced and dedicated speech and language therapist who brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the field of neurodiversity, speech and language disorders, and disability supports in education. With years of experience, Alanna is dedicated to empowering education staff in Ireland to create inclusive and supportive environments for all pupils.

Alanna has worked extensively with teachers and SNAs across diverse educational settings. She is particularly interested in promoting literacy attainment and working with children and young people with disabilities. She is passionate about sharing knowledge with SNAs and teachers, as they work closely with children in a language-rich environment.

Alanna is all about spreading awareness, championing inclusivity, and creating a positive educational journey for individuals with autism, language disorders, intellectual disability, ADHD and others. Through her webinars she hopes to empower education staff in Ireland to have an exclusive chance to grasp invaluable insights, practical tools, and foster a supportive learning environment that benefits all students.


Course Properties

Course date 16-11-2023 7:00 pm
Course End Date 16-11-2023 8:15 pm
Capacity 1000
Cut off date 16-11-2023 7:10 pm
Individual Price €5.00
Speaker Alannah O'Connor
Number Hours 1.25
Location Online